Perm system of the Earth Globe – 180 years

Perm State University
All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference

Perm system of the Earth Globe - 180 years

The purpose of the conference is to bring together the efforts of scientists and practitioners aimed at identifying common patterns, manifestation and development of natural dynamic processes in the Main Permian field of the globe in order to forecast and search for minerals, ensure sustainable development of regions and life safety.

The conference is planned to discuss modern achievements in the following areas:
1. Geophysical research in the search for mineral deposits and assessment of their technogenic impact
2. Structural-tectonic, geological and hydrogeological structure of the Priuralsky segment within the boundaries of the Main Permian field.
3. Petrological, lithological, stratigraphic and paleontological features of Permian deposits
4. Regional, intra-basin and inter-basin correlation of Permian sedimentation basins, primarily in Russia, USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, China.
5. Regularities of development and distribution of natural dynamic processes in the rocks of the Main Permian field
6. Research on the techno genesis and interaction of engineering structures with the geological environment within the Main Permian field, including along the routes of trans-regional linear structures (high-pressure gas pipelines, railways)